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Puppy Inquiries

logoIf you are interested in acquiring one of our little balls of love, please contact Ms. Jane Dancosse of Janry Pet Resort or 908-479-6132.  Jane is solely in charge of placing the puppies.  The puppies will be adopted out between eight and ten weeks of age – which will be near the end of August. A personal interview with the entire family who will live with the dog will be required, and a home visit is usually requested. The price of a puppy will depend on whether you are interested in a family pet or a show ring champion.

We do not ship our puppies.

Please note that our German Shepherd Dogs are not bred for Schutzhund-type or K-9 type work. They are the laid-back, therapy-dog-type GSD’s.  They are calmer and “softer” than police and other working Shepherds. Will they still guard you, your children and your home? Yes, with their lives.  They are German Shepherds, after all!

We look forward to hearing from you!